Memory Radio

Introducing Memory Radio, a brand new podcast featuring original audio performances, curated music, and a one of a kind DJ, Memory Radio is a science fiction journey you can enjoy on a walk or a drive. Experience even more of Areli’s adventures in a brand new narrative game you can play in your browser. Lavender Waves is the companion story to Episode 1.

Short Fiction

During Year 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic, I started using the word-guessing game Wordle as a prompt for short-story writing. My goal with these stories is to explore the use of they/them pronouns by writing about non-binary characters. More to come.

When I worked as a grocery store cashier, I sometimes filled the empty time-space by writing short stories using prompts I received from my coworkers.


These are real stories from my life that I have written down.


Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic has to do with the documentation of regular tasks, the application of mathematical frameworks like symmetries for simplification, and the transformation of the task into a ritual. This is a new project with more to come.

Queer Period

I consider this the current poetic period. For now it remains relatively undeveloped.

Fatuous Period

For all intents and purposes, I “came out of the closet” in the autumn after I turned 21. Much of the poetry I’d been writing conveyed a profound sense of fatuous longing, but it transitioned as I gained more self-confidence over the years. I remain satisfied with the work I created during this time. It offers a rare glimpse into the early evolution of my queerness. Here are a selection of works from this period.

Adolescent Period

I began writing poetry almost as soon as I learned how to write. The poems I wrote as I developed through adolescence form the grounding for the work I create now. Here are a selection of works from this period.

Glitch Art


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